'Katpurradice' Bengals Situated in Cambridge Central North Island New Zealand


 Welcome to our family of Bengals

My name is Maxine, with my man Adrian and our two teenages, we have the pleasure of introducing you to our breeding program of the beautiful Bengals.  

Other than the Bengals, we are also breeding Birmans, and it was the Birman that got me hooked into becoming a cat breeder. this was over a decade ago.

Yet there's more.  
I have since found by pure accident that my Bengal lines are not only carriers of the Cashmere but we are also producing the Cashmere so please email me if you are interested in the Cashmere.  

My new web site on the Cashmere will be here for you to view soon, its under construction.

 I would like to thank those who have helped us in any way being able to breed this absolutely gorgeous breed the 'Bengal', here in Hautapu Cambridge, the horse country of New Zealand.  Without the knowledge of other Breeders and what their experience has taught us, we would still be at the beginning of our program and never getting ahead

  We have a stunning adult spotted man 'Bandit'

Bandit is one of our foundation breeders that we've had since he was a kitten and in addition to him, we have an exceptional eye catching older marble man 'Henri'.  
I am so besotted with them both.

We are so lucky with them being a part of our future for our Bengal program. 
Please take the time to visit them on our Studs page.

On my girls front. 
I have an oh so cute and awesome young marble girl 'Tamika', so with her and a few more of our up and coming girls, we have our breeding of BENGAL'S in STYLE.

Our original breed is and still will be our 'Perfectpawz' Birmans so all our cat breeding ups and downs began there.

We are situated on a 4 acre block just down the road from where Sir Tristram lived, New Zealands well known and loved Stallion, now his son resides in his place, Zebeel so our Bengal Boys have some stiff competition which I'm sure won't be a problem. lol


               We are also pleased to announce our 'Cashmere's'

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